Etina x1 Essence:
L o a d i n g . . .
General features
Basic server information
  • Opening date
  • 14 July 2023

  • Rates
  • XP/SP x1 / Adena x1 / Drop x1

  • Server time
  • GMT +2

  • Amount of available game clients
  • 1 active account per player.

  • L-Coins
  • Can be obtained by hunting monsters.

    The store assortment will be updated accordingly to server progress. To balance out the starting race, some items have restrictions on the available enchanting level.

  • Ancient Adena
  • Can be obtained from daily and weekly activities (missions), and we reduced prices of items you can purchase with AA for 50% of the original price.

  • Stages of the Server
  • Content will be added gradually, according to the current stage of the server. This includes the following:
  • Random Crafting → new items will be added gradually at each stage, and the chance of them appearing as rewards will increase little by little.

    Special Hunting Zones →Antharas' Lair, Hellbound, Frost Lord's Castle, Kelbim's Fortress, Pagan Temple will be included over time to ensure fair progress and balance in player progression.

  • Clans/Alliances - Retail like
  • Maximum clan membership → 40 members.

    Maximum Alliance size → 3 clans.

    Maximum size of the Command Channel → 100 players.

  • Party Bonus
  • 3 members → 20% XP/SP Bonus.

    4 members → 30% XP/SP Bonus.

    5 members → 50% XP/SP Bonus.

  • Function cost
  • Directly transmitting location in chat consumes L-Coin — 75 pcs.

    Teleporting to a spot consumes L-Coin — 20 pcs. (for each of the 20 teleporters).

  • Weekly hero cycle with Olympiad running every week on Friday/Saturday.
  • Genie's Quest available:
  • In each leveling zone a Genie will provide options for a player to take daily quests for his level and area, this will provide each player with stable exp progress no matter of class selection.